Tip-toe across into Bucks to see the stunning ‘scarecrows’ in Haddenham, a delightful historic village. It is one of only three ‘wychert villages’ in England; buildings made by white clay mixed with straw, then thatched and topped with red clay tiles.

Over 120 bespoke ‘scarecrows’ have been made by the residents and are now on view throughout the village. I can assure you that they are outstanding (obviously benefitting from lock-down time). The core of Haddenham is a picturesque village with delightful lanes and a glorious church on the green. A couple of pubs will re-open soon and their cafes are open for take-aways. Obviously, the village has expanded over the decades, thankfully, generally with a sympathetic eye. A good destination for a lock-down walk. On the website you can download a village map with locations and details of all of the ‘scarecrows’…Enjoy! https://www.haddenham.net/

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